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Blastocyst Transfer

We are the Best in Blastocyst Transfer

Blastocyst gives an opportunity for embryo to develop which is subsequently transferred . It is one of the most proven treatments as it gives unique results. At IVF Noida, Embryologist gets to select best quality embryo which increases implantation rates .In such a scenario, embryos are kept under observation for 5 days.

IVF Noida specializes in blastocyst transfer which leads to transfer of minimum embryos. Thus, possibility of multiple pregnancies is eliminated.Since the success rate of blastocysts transfer is high, therefore, 1-2 blastocysts are transferred. Under this process, the doctors can monitor hatching,if required. It improves the chance of being pregnant. Any abnormality during embryo growth is recorded and discarded.Good embryos not only ensures viable pregnany but also eliminates the possibility of miscarriages too.